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Brucehassan.id.au (formerly called Blue Cedars) is the website of Bruce and Hassan, and is devoted to exploring our interests, especially in history.

The site contains histories (including family histories), professional historians' pages at History in Common, the e-history pages of Historymatrix, pages exploring the idea of 'fusion history', creative writing pages, and interesting blogs and other links.

You can email us directly by clicking here, or by going to the About Us page. Otherwise, enjoy visiting and exploring our website.

Bruce and Hassan
10th August 2004.

Editorial revisions:

  • #10, 18th September 2005 (name changed from Blue Cedars to Brucehassan)
  • #13, 13th July 2006
  • #14, 25th November 2006,
  • #15, 4th December 2007,
  • #16, November 2008,
  • #17, 13 January 2010