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The Four Countries One Continent pages contain the story.

Four Countries One Continent takes the form of an e-essay or e-short story. The story was written as a reflection on what might have been during the celebrations for the centenary of Australian federation in 2001.

Four Countries One Continent explores the alternative future that Australia may have experienced had federation only taken place on the continent's south eastern corner, while Queensland and Western Australia became separate nations as New Zealand ultimately did.

The story is about 4000 words in length and presented as a single essay.

Got an ideas, comments, questions or anything else that have been raised by the story? Want to tell me about it? Then Click Here, let me know, and I'll get back to you.

The Country Fact Sheets pages contain a brief 'fact sheet' for each of the four countries, noting their principal characteristics and includes an illustration of the national flag of each country.


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