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Brucehassan.id.au is the website of Bruce Baskerville and Mohamed Hassan Mokak. Bruce and Hassan live on Norfolk Island. The island is in the Pacific Ocean about 1,600 kilometres east of Sydney, 1,200 kilometres north of New Zealand and 600 kilometres south of New Caledonia.

Our house, named 'Twin Oaks', is at Puppys Point, about 4 kilometres from the territory's main town, Burnt Pine. We have two cats and several chickens, and many different wild animals and birds wander through our garden and orchard from the nearby Norfolk Island National Park, including the rare green parrot, the re-established local owl or Morepoke and the ubiquitous island emblem the Nufka, or kingfisher. The climate is pleasantly sub-tropical. Being on the western side of the island we see spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean most evenings.

This website was formerly named 'Blue Cedars'. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any broken links or other problems with any of the pages, or seek permission to use any of the materials, or for any other reason, by clicking on this email link to Bruce and Hassan.

Bruce and Hassan

Norfolk Island was named by Captain James Cook RN in 1770 in honour of one of his patrons, the Duchess of Norfolk. The Island has been settled by Polynesian seafarers, two distinct convict settlements (1788-1814 and 1824-1856), descendants of the Bounty mutineers in 1856, and later waves of emigrants from mainland Australia, New Zealand and other places.

Norfolk Island is an external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia - see Wikipedia's Norfolk Island entry.