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Cadet lines in New South Wales, 1835+

John George Baskerville, convict, 1830s

George Baskerville arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on the convict transport 'Aurora', as a convict in 1835. He received a Certificate of Freedom on 29th July 1842, No. 42/1303. The register of certificates records that he was also known by the surname of Mortimer.
[SRNSW, Index to Certificates of Freedom, 1823-1869, Ref 4/4375, film 1101]

This George may be the same person as John G. Baskerville, Certificate of Freedom, who married Elizabeth O'Neill in 1844, but further research is needed.

This hypothesis is based upon the lack of any other record of a George or John (or any other Baskerville) arriving in New South Wales prior to 1844, and the description of John G. as having a Certificate of Freedom only two years after George was granted his Certificate. There is no further record of a George that I can find.

John G. and Elizabeth Baskerville had three children: Robert 1844, Mary J 1846, John J 1847, of which I have no details as yet.
[Index to NSW BDM]

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