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Cadet lines in Herefordshire - Burghill and Holmer, 1720s+

Edward Baskerville, of Monnington-on-Wye and Burghill

  • baptised 6 November 1702, St Mary's Church of England, Monnington-on-Wye, Herefordshire
  • died 6 May 1776 at Burghill
  • parents Andrew and Abigail Baskerville, nee [unknown]
  • Married 4 December 1730, St Peter's Church of England, Lugwardine,
    to Mary Green,
  • Children
    • Ann 1724, Staunton-on-Wye, Herefordshire - d ?
    • Maria* 1727, Burghill - d. ?
    • Edward* 1730, Burghill - d. ?, m. 1752, Bodenham, Herefordshire to Ann Beddoes
    • Elizabeth* 1733, Burghill - d. ?, m. 1758, Weobley, Herefordshire to William Nott
    • Andrew 1739, Burghill - d. 1808 Holmer, Herefordshire, m. 1763, St Peters Hereford to Mary Skyrme
    • Jane* 1744, Burghill - d. ?., m. 1764 Burghill to Richard Brace

    The names marked with an asterisk (*) have several parish register spellings: Maria, Edward and Elizabeth are Bascafield in a Latin baptism register, Jane is Basherville in the baptism register and Baskerfield in the marriage register - this gives some clues as to how the family name was pronounced at this time.

Biographical notes

The pattern of marriages and births suggests that Edward grew up in Monnington-on-Wye, but left the village when Mary Green fell pregnant in 1824 - firstly to nearby Staunton-on-Wye, then away from the western Wye Valley by 1727 to Burghill, in the Lugg Valley just north of the city of Hereford. In 1730 they were married in Luddenham, on the other side of Hereford, but they seem to have settled in Burghill, and their youngest daughter was married there over 30 years later in 1764, suggesting that Edward and Mary were still there in their old age.

An alternative explanation is provided by Joyce Herron in Scotland, 8 November 2006, a descendant of Jane Baskerville and Richard Brace, as follows:

I have doubts that the Edward who married Mary GREEN in Lugwardine in 1730 was the same Edward born 1702 in Monnington...As I have found another Edward married to a Mary. Entries from the Hereford Marriage Index..
  1. EDWARD BASKERVILLE m. MARY BOWEN ..28TH JUNE 1724 ..in STAUNTON ON WYE. Brides parish..BYFORD. Grooms parish MONINGTON.
  2. EDWARD BASKERVILLE m. MARY GREEN...4TH DECEMBER 1730... in LUGWARDINE. Grooms parish given as PIPE&LYDE....brides parish SAINT OWEN.
The above Edward and Mary GREEN had a daughter Jane b. BURGHILL 1744 , while Edward and Mary BOWEN had ANN b. Staunton on Wye. 1724. The IGI has lumped these two together...
Obviously, Edward b.1702 Monnington, met Mary Bowen from Byford, and married in Staunton.... the parishes are together in the same area. ..... while the other parishes for the other Edward and Mary are some distance away..

I have searched the IGI, but unfortunately the relevant records all seem to be sourced to 'Patron Ordinance Submission Sheets 1969-1991' with no identification of the original source. The only verifiable record is for the baptism of Edward in Monnington-on-Wye (Bishop's transcripts, 1660-1846 Church of England Parish Church of Monnington-upon-Wye).

It is possible that Edward married twice, firstly to Mary Bowen who may have died c1728/29, then to Mary Green. The varying "Groom's Parish" entries uncovered by Joyce Heron can be explained by noting that this is the groom's parish of residence at time of marriage, not his parish of birth. Pipe & Lyde is next to Burghill, and as Edward was living in this area by 1730, the two groom's parish entries can be reconciled. A critical piece of information that could confirm of deny this hypothesis would be a death or burial record for Mary Baskerville (nee Bowen), probably in Burghill or nearby, c1728 or 1729.

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