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Cadet lines in Herefordshire - Thornbury, 1500s-1610s+

Philip Baskerville, of Eardisley and possibly later of "Netherwood", Thornbury, Herefordshire

  • born c1470, Eardisley, Herefordshire
  • died ?
  • parents Sir Walter Baskerville and Elizabeth (nee verch Milo ap Henry) Baskerville of Eardisley [Watkins: 40]
  • Married (1) c1501, at ?
    to Sibilla (widow Scudamore, nee Morgan?)
    (2) Agnes Elizabeth Hamlyn of Dorset
  • Children of (1)
    • Thomas b. 1500, Eardisley, d. ?, m. (1) 1573, at Thornbury? to Sybil or Cecily Vaughan, (2) 1540, at Thornbury to Jane Baskerville
    • Jane, b. 1502, Eardisley, d. 1566, m. 1523 at? to John Mervin
    • James, b. 1504, Eardisley, d ?, m. ?
    • Edward, n. 1506, Eardisley, d. ?
  • Children of (2)
    • Jane, m. 1540 at Thornbury to Thomas Baskerville (her half-brother: see above)

Biographical notes

c1500: Philip Baskerville married the widow of John Scudmore of Kentchurch c1500. Their son Thomas Baskerville was the start of the Netherwood branch of the Baskerville family: Baskerville, Thomas (*1502 - ) of Netherwood; father: Baskerville, Philip (1466 -); mother: Scudamore, Sybilla (*1472 -)[VCH Worcester, Vol IV: 349-354]
1529-1532: Philip Baskervile. v. Sibyl Braynton, widow.: Detention of deeds relating to the lordship of Stretton Sugwas (Sygwar), devised to complainant by James Baskervile, knight.: Hereford [P.R.O. C 1/604/35].

It is possible that Phillip acquired (or began acquiring) the various properties associated with Netherwood in the early 1500s, although an 1876 gazetteer entry for Netherwood suggests much earlier acquisition, although not necessarily occupation:

After the battle of Bosworth Field [1485], William Baskerville, of the house of Eardisley, who had accompanied the army of the Earl of Richmond, afterwards King Henry VII., from Leominster, and fought valiantly in his cause, received a grant of it from that sovereign." [Littlebury's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7]
The legal action taken by Philip in the early 1530s was against the widow of his nephew, Sir James, son of his brother Sir Walter.

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