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Cadet lines in Herefordshire - Stoke Lacy, 1800s+

Thomas Baskerville, farmer of Stoke Lacy

  • baptised 17 April 1805, All Saints Church of England, Hereford, Herefordshire
  • died 26 July 1885, at The Priory, Stoke Prior, Herefordshire
  • parents Edward and Mary Baskerville, nee Newman
  • married 3 July 1834, at Stoke Lacy to Mary Bond
  • Children
    • Edward 1838 - 1878
    • Thomas 1843 -
    • James 1851 -

Biography and descendants

Thomas is recorded in the 1841 Census as Thomas Baskerville, labourer (36), wife Sarah (34) and son Thomas (3), all born in Herefordshire, address: Newton, Stoke Lacy (one of two houses at that place) - Herefordshire (RG H0107/419/9-4/2),

In the 1861 Census the record is for Thomas Baskerville (56) Agricultural Labourer, born All Saints Herefordshire; his wife Sarah (55), born Moreton Jeffries, Herefordshire; their sons Edward, Unmarried, 25, Agricultural Labourer, born Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire, and James (10), Scholar, born Collington, Herefordshire; and his mother-in-law Mary Bond (80), Retired Farmer, born Ullingswick, Herefordshire; address: Bare Thorn, Lower Wood End, Stoke Lacy (RG H09/1827/88/9).

The 1871 Census records Thomas Baskervill (64), Agricultural labourer, his wife Sarah (64), son Edward (33), agricultural labourer and his wife Elizabeth (32) and their four children Harriett (7), William (5), Albert (3) and Mary (11 months) living at 'Barethorn', Stoke Lacy. The adjacent house 'Lydart' was occupied by John Bond and his family, possible the brother of Sarah (RG10/2709/89p4).

The same census records Thomas Baskerville (28, born Stoke Lacy), Thomas & Sarah's son, as a groom in the household of Mrs Caroline Stevenson and her son at Hennor House, Eaton Hennor & Stretford, Leominster with three other servants (a housekeeper, parlour maid and cook). It also records their other son James Baskervil (20), born Collington, domestic servant and farm labourer in the household of Richard Hayling, 'farmer of 850 acres', and his son at Stock's Farm, Avenbury with two other servants including Jane Bond (55), domestic servant born in Stoke Lacy and presumably another relative of his mother's family (RG10/2716/29p4 and RG10/2710/18p10).

The census of 1881 shows Thomas, born All Saints, as a widower living alone in Stokes Lane, Avenbury, still an agricultural labourer at the age of 77 (RG11/2602/18p12). His son Thomas (39, born Stoke Lacy) is a coachman living at Rowleys Cottage, Leominster Out Parish, with his wife Mary A (42, born Kimbolton) and his children Percey W. (5), Milley A. (3) and Susan E. (1) all born in Leominster, and a niece Anne Marie Conod (13) a scholar born in Kings Town Ireland (RG11/2602/18p12). His son James (27, born Stoke Lacy) was an agricultural labourer living at Munderfield Row, Avenbury with his grandmother Elizabeth Minett (84, widow) and his wife Hannah (26) and two daughters Emma 93) and Mary Jane (1) both born in Aven Bury (RG11/2602/16p8). His son Edward is not recorded in the census as he as died three years earlier, but his wife Elizabeth had re-married local labourer William James and was living with the four Baskervil children and a new child, Elizabeth James, at Hedgley Cotg, Stoke Lacy (RG11/2601/88p5).

Thomas died in the winder of 1885 aged 82 of 'serious apoplexy' followed by three days in a coma, attended by his eldest son Thomas (Death Cert. Leominster/343).