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Cadet lines in Herefordshire - Thornbury, 1500s-1610s+

Thomas Baskerville, of "Netherwood", Thornbury, Herefordshire

  • born 1530, Thornbury, Herefordshire
  • died ?, Thornbury, Herefordshire
  • parents Thomas Baskerville and Jane (nee Baskerville) Baskerville of Thornbury
  • Married 1573, at Thornbury
    to Bridget Cornwall
  • Children
    • John b. 1574, Thornbury, d. ?, m. 1594 to [surname unknown]
    • Anne [Will]
    • Mary [Will]
    • Margaret, b. 1577, Thornbury

Biographical notes

1572 Thomas Baskerville settled [the Manor of Stoke Bliss] on his illegitimate son Thomas Baskerville of Netherwood, (fn. 36). [VCH Worcester, Vol IV: 349-354]
1573: married Bridget Cornwall, of the family of the Baron Burford, Edmond Cornwall
1577: [Thomas Baskerville succeeded his father] in 1577 (fn. 37), [Will] and mortgaged the manor in 1585 to Edward Pytts. (fn. 38) Thomas was succeeded by a son John, who died in 1602. (fn. 39) His son Thomas obtained livery of the manor in 1622, (fn. 40) but the actual possession had passed before this time to Edward Pytts, as the mortgage of 1585 had never been redeemed, (fn. 41) [VCH Worcester, Vol IV: 349-354]
1585: The [Manor of Kettles Kyre] estate ... had become part of Kyre Parva manor (fn. 57) before 1585 when it was mortgaged by Thomas Baskerville to Edward Pytts. ... ) The estate at Kyre Parva acquired by Thomas Baskerville [his father] became united with the manor of Kettles Kyre, and was mortgaged in 1585 by Thomas Baskerville to Edward Pytts as 'the manor of Parva Kyer alias Kettles Cure.' [VCH Worcester, Vol IV: 349-354]
1586: Thomas' wife, Bridget nee Cornwall, died.
1586: John Haworth v. John Tomyns: Right and title to the manor of Horton, in the parish of Bromyard (Hereford). [The names and possessions of Thomas Baskervyle, late of Nethewood (Hereford), Thomas Farrington alias Tyler, Alice his wife, and Johan their daughter, and Thos. Leeth her husband, Thos. Slade, Richd. Browne, Richard Clerk, Anthony Rowdon, John Bennet, Wm. Vaughan, and James Haworth are mentioned.]: Hereford [Covering dates 29 Eliz 1586, P.R.O. E 134/29Eliz/Hil12]
1594: Thomas Cornwall the elder of Burford, co. Salop, esquire Thomas Williams of Willaston [in Press] co. Salop, gentleman, and William Pytcharde of Cradley, co. Hereford gentleman, trustees of John Baskervyll of Netherwood [in Thornbury] son and heir of Thomas Baskervyll of Norton Colepark, co. Wilts. (with the concent of Thomas and John Baskervyll) to William Leighton of Pontesbury, co. Salop. esquire: Netherwood [in Thornbury]: Hereford. [23 April 44 Eliz; P.R.O. E 41/48]
1602: death of grandson John, 6th May
1603: [conclusion of] Thomas Baskerville v Edward Pitt. Contract. Parsonage of Stoke Bliss, and manors of Neathwood alias Netherwood, Thornbury, Edwin Raffe, Edwin Loch, Butterley, Bromyard and Collinton, Herefordshire of which complainant was seised in fee or fee tail. Short title: Baskervyle v Pytt [Between 1558 and 1603, P.R.O. C 2/Eliz/B5/59]

Thomas inherited the bulk of his father's estate at Netherwood in 1577. He mortgaged the entire property in 1585, which involved legal disputes as to ownership of some of the property (such as Manor of Horton). The mortgaging of the estate may be connected to his wife's death - both occur at a similar time. Within a few years, certainly by 1594 Thomas had left Netherwood and was living at Norton Coalport in Wiltshire, although his grandson John was apparently still living at Netherwood and subject to the trustees of his grandfather's estate. In 1602 John died, aged only 28, and in 1603 a long running legal dispute with Edward Pytt, the mortgagor, was concluded - it seems largely in Pytt's favour, although John's infant son, and Thomas' grandson, also called Thomas, inherited some of the smaller manors and estates.
further research - get the PRO records under 1603 entry.

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