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The Brucehassan blogs & links pages provide access to blogs kept by other people, and to various sites that we have found interesting for some reason or another, grouped by functions or themes.

My Blogs

  1. The Great Council Dictionary is a critical review of and commentary on the Dictionary of Sydney Project, and will be of special interest to historians.
  2. The Lady of Königsberg is a blog maintained by Bruce exploring the connections between himself and his guiding spirit, the arcane Lady of Königsberg.
  3. The Straw Kingdom is neither old monarchist nor nationalist republican, but a third way.
  4. The Chookyard is a blog occasionally reporting on the conversations overheard in our chookyard on current affairs in Australian culture and politics.

Other people's blogs

  1. Not The West - a satirical version of the West Australian, otherwise known as the Worst Australian, out of Perth.
  2. Professor Bunyip at the Billabong - Australian political commentary from the ratbag right.
  3. The Road to Surfdom - commentary upon current affairs in Australia - often cited in Crikey.com's 'blogwatch'.
  4. Paoloblog is the site of Paolo, a Ph D student at the University of Trento in Italy - with his ramblings on blogs, wikis, and much more (you get the picture!), and some great links to explore - in Italian and English.
  5. Accordion Guy is, well a site in Toronto - check it out to work it out! Many links to other bloggers.

Not-the-mainstream media

  1. Crikey.com is an independent on-line Australian news service.

Not-the-usual shopping

  1. Abebooks.com is an on-line network of second-hand book dealers.

Not-the usual-Monarchies

  1. The Cleese Plan to End Terrorism sets out John Cleese's plan to end terrorism by revoking the independence of the United States and returning the territory to its former, pre-1783 status as a British colony - or perhaps 50 separate colonies!
  2. Independent Crown of Australia Network is a site operated by the ICAN group that argues for a different resolution to the monarchy v. republic issue in Australian culture and politics - the establishment of an monarchy native to Australia.

On-line encyclopediae

  1. Wikipedia is an on-line, open-content encyclopedia in many languages. The English version started in January 2001, and now (July 2004) contains over 302000 articles. There are links to Italian, Bahasa Melayu and versions in other languages, including Welsh.
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica is an on-line version of the famous encyclopedia, with many good links.
  3. The Catholic Encyclopedia is an on-line version of the 1909 encyclopedia with entries for the obscure saints and rituals of the pre-Vatican II era that are once again popular with the scarlet-robed fraternity of the Sydney Archdiocese.

Cats Cradle

  1. Busy, busy, busy is an American blogger site that describes itself as 'A View from the Radial Center', with much critical commentary on US politics and the war in Iraq. The site has links to about 160 other blog and zine sites.
  2. The Books of Bokonon is a website dedicated to the anti-religion of Bokononism invented by Kurt Vonnegut in his book Cat's Cradle first published in 1963.

Odds & Ends

  1. Self-Directed Taxation (SDT) is a way that you can make your taxation work for issues and causes that you support, and contains links to the tax-deductible community groups we contribute to.