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Fusion community groups

Intermix ... where mixed-race matters (United Kingdom)

Mavin Foundation to empower mixed-heritage people and families (United States)

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Anglo-Indians global website

CTR Anglo-Indian Relief

Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project

My three aims of fusion history are:
  1. To recognize the histories and cultures of Australia's fusion people and communities, and their unique contribution to Australia's developing cultural identity.
  2. To remember and commemorate all the people and communities of fusion heritage and identities that have gone before us, often in the face of discrimination and even denial of their existence.
  3. To reveal the hidden fusion histories that have been integral in the shaping of Australian history, and the structures that have repressed Australia's fusion identities and history.

My seven research projects in fusion history are:

  1. What actions are taken by some people to transcend the boundaries of 'pure' racial and ethnic identities in ways contrary to those identities?
  2. What are the causes of the formation, and continuity or demise, of fusion identities and cultures?
  3. What are the cultural, political, social and spatial forms through which fusion identities have been expressed?
  4. What strategies and tactics (such as passing) are used by people of fusion identities to survive, outwit or subvert dominant notions of racial and ethnic identities?
  5. What patterns of naming, manipulating and controlling fusion identities and cultures are evident in nationalist-racial ideologies and practices?
  6. What are the ways in which fusion identities and cultures challenge authorised racial, ethnic and nationalist narratives, and what are the reactions to those challenges?
  7. Establish a database of historical and contemporary fusion cultures and identities