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List of significant people of fusion backgrounds in Wikipedia
The Contemporary Fusions list below identifies cultures, groups and indiviauls that identify themselves as, or are identified by others as, having some sort of fusion identity.

Anyone or any community who identifies with some sort of fusion heritage, and is accepted by other fusionists as having a fusion identity, can be included in the list. Groups or individuals who do not self-identify with a fusion identity or heritage, but are identified by others in such a way, may also be included in the list.

This list below of contemporary fusion culture, groups and individuals is constantly being added to, and suggestions for further additions are always most welcome - click on the 'email author' button at the top of the page. For the time being these are arranged according to the country with which a particular fusion is associated, but this may change as other themes emerge.

The Commonwealth
  1. The Royal Family
  2. Queen Charlotte, 1744-1818 and here.

Fusions of English, Irish, Aboriginal, Asian, Pacific Islander heritages
  1. Anglo-Celtic
  2. South Sea Islander
  3. Children of Australian BCOF Servicemen in Japan 1945-1952

Malaysia and Singapore
Fusions of Malay, Chinese, Portugese, Indian heritages
  1. Peranakan (endangered)
  2. Chitty (endangered)

Fusions of English, Portugese and Indian heritages
  1. Anglo-Indian
  2. Goanese (GoanetWiki) and here

Indian Ocean island states
Fusions of French, Dutch, English, Indian and African heritages
  1. Le courrier creole (Mauritian, in Australia)

South Africa
Fusions of Dutch, English and African heritages
  1. Coloured
  2. Cape Coloured
  3. Afrikaans

Fusions of Native American, French and English heritages
  1. Métis

United States of America
Fusions of Native American, African, English, French, Spanish heritages
  1. Creole - Louisiana and the Gulf States
  2. Mixed Folks

Spain and Spanish-speaking countries
Fusions of Spanish, African and Native American heritages
  1. Mestizo