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The Family Histories pages provide information and access to family histories, genealogical tables, and biographies of individual family members.

Biographical details of living individuals are not included in order to respect their privacy. However, to maintain the integrity of the genealogical records, basic birth, death and marriage years that are already publicly available to interested researchers are recorded.

Family relationships are arranged either by single patrilineal familes or by interrelated family groups within specific places. Many of the family group pages eventually separate into patrilineal or matrilineal lines.

A Roll of Honour recording all men and women who have served in the armed forces will eventually be included. Members of all families will be included, regardless of family or origin. The records will mainly relate to service in the Australian defence forces during the 20th century, but also include service in various colonial and imperial forces.

"The term 'genealogy' derives from two Greek words, 'genos' and 'logos', which literally mean 'family knowledge'. Family history, which includes genealogy, is the study of the human experience and the history of related people, generation by generation, as far back as records exist".

'Tracing Your Family History in Australia: a guide to sources'

Nick Vine Hall
genealogist 1985.

Picture information and sources

left: Portrait of Crescentia Nasir, nee Carter/Brillante, on the verandah of her house in Broome, 1939.
centre: Landscape looking from the top floor of the Victoria (or Maley's) Flour Mill across the Rock of Ages farmstead during the floods at Greenough in 1953.
right: Portrait of May Ethel Jean Day, later Baskerville, c1925