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The Germany Local History pages provide information and access to local histories, including biographies, events, gazetters, and links to published local histories that are associated in some way with Bruce Baskerville and his guide.

It specifically contains a link (see left) to The Lady of Königsberg's Blog, which is the medium I have chosen (or has been chosen for me?) to express most of my writing about the place.

Localities explored in the Germany Local History pages are presently all in the region formerly known as East Prussia (Ostpreußen). This will eventually extend to include other localities in East Prussia, as well as elsewhere in the south-eastern Baltic littoral.

The geographic term south-eastern Baltic littoral has been deliberately chosen so as to include all localities in this region regardless of their political control in different historical periods, while the term East Prussia refers to a specific area within that region whose boundaries changed over time between the 1300s and 1945 when it was deliberately and fundamentally destroyed as a distinct entity.

note: the German alphabetical character 'ß' should be pronounced like the English sound 'ss'; while the 'ö' (the two little dots are known as an 'umlaut') stretches the vowel sound so that 'o' should be pronounced more like 'er'.