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The British Isles Local History pages provide information and access to local histories, including biographies, events, gazetters, and links to published local histories that are associated in some way with the Baskerville and Mokak family histories.

Localities explored in the British Isles Local History pages are presently all in the Eardisley area of Herefordshire.

This will eventually extend to include other localities in Herefordshire, as well as elsewhere in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and other regions within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The geographic term 'British Isles' has been deliberately chosen so as to include all localities regardless of their political allegiance or control in different historical periods.

A Roll of Honour recording men and women from localities in the British Isles, associated with the Baskerville and Mokak families, who have served in the Imperial, British and Australian armed forces will also be developed in the future.

Local history was once defined as the study of the 'origin, growth, decline and fall of a local community' ... but we hope that there is also more than that and, that as well as the wider picture, we have glimpsed the lives of some of the ordinary and extraordinary people of this village.


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