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John Baskerville 1807 - 1867
his life, family and descendants
of Western Australia

Major Thesis for Diploma in Family Historical Studies
conferred by the Society of Australian Genealogists
15th May 1985

116 pages, illustrations, bibliography, appendices, index,
contents page,unpublished mss.

The right of Bruce Baskerville to be identified as the moral rights author of this work is hereby asserted in accordance with the Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000 of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This thesis was written over 1983-1984, using research that began in the mid-1970s.

The Sections

The original document has been scanned chapter by chapter and uploaded to this website on 29th June 2008 to make it available to a wider audience of family members and researchers.

None of the text has been altered. Although much research has been subsequently undertaken over the 25 years since it was completed, particularly regarding John's ancestry, and establishing a connection to the Eardisley line, the thesis is retained in its original form as a historical document of its time.

The sections of the original thesis are arranged below in their original order. Click on any section to open the document in a PDF format.

  • Contents and Introduction, pages i - iii
  • Chapter 1, 1800-1826: pages 1 - 5
    covers John Baskerville's birth in the City of Hereford, in the Welsh Marches county of Herefordshire, and his immediate ancestry. Note that the genealogical chart shown on page 4 has been superseded by more recent research - see here for details.
  • Chapter 2, 1826-1842: pages 6 - 21
    this is the period of of John's service in the 4th Troop, Bombay Horse Artillery, East India Company Army, including his various stations in Bombay and at Poona, Sholapur and Deesa, and his two marriages including his second to Harriett Stringer.
  • Chapter 3, 1842-1850: pages 22 - 31
    is a brief story of John's return to Herefordshire with his Indian wife and their life there before emigrating.
  • Chapter 4a, 1850-1867: pages 32 - 45
    is a lengthy chapter in two parts spanning John and Harriett's life in Western Australia, and John's employment as a Pensioner Guard at the Wellington District Convict Depot in Bunbury.
  • Chapter 4b, 1850-1867: pages 46 - 56
    is the second part of the chapter that concludes with John's sudden death just after Christmas 1867.
  • Chapter 5, 1867-1889: pages 57 - 72
    tells the stories of John and Harriett's children, especially their eldest son Albert and his wife Eliza Ann Knapton, and Eliza Ann's family, in the Bunbury, Busselton and Augusta districts.
  • Chapter 6, 1889-1925: pages 73 - 85
    follows Albert and Eliza Ann to the Karridale district, and the beginning of the family's several generations of working in the timber mills and timber industries of the South West's karri and jarrah forests, including the death of old Harriett in 1903, and finally Albert's retirement to Claremont.
  • Chapter 7, c1900-c1940: pages 86 - 96
    contains a series of potted biographies of the children of Albert and Eliza Ann.
  • Chapter 8, Genealogical Tables: pages 97 - 104
  • Photographs: thirteen pages un-numbered, between pages 104 and 105
  • Appendices and Sources: pages 105 - 112
  • Index: pages 113-116