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Selections A Family Tree of the Nasir, Mokak and associated families

This family tree or genealogy is known as a 'distaff' genealogy, which means that it follows the female line, rather then the male line as is usual in European or Asian family histories.

The genealogy traces the descendants of the two Jugun sisters Kara-war-meri (through her two daughters Philomena Carter and Polly Vincent), and Kara-ko-ra (through her daughter Lydia Kanegai). Philomena, Polly and Lydia all shared the same father, Bill Brooker, and were known to each other as sister-cousins.

Pages (mostly photo galleries) are been prepared for people with underlined names - click on those names to view their page. Biographical pages will also be included as they are written. For privacy reasons, pages of living people are not available except as a link to another website.

For ease in following the different lines, the names of the descendants of Kara-war-meri are coloured in shades of blue (like this and like this), and the names of descendants of Kara-ko-ra are coloured in a shade of ochre (like this). Green text (like this) provides general background information.

Genealogical Chart

  1. Kara-war-meri @ Youeda @ Fanny Kajor @ Fanny Edgar, b. c1855 Coconut Well, df 1880s William (Bill) Brooker, d. 1930-1945 Broome
  2. Kara-ko-ra @ Yemara, b. 1860s/70s, Roebuck Bay area, df 1890s William (Bill) Brooker, d. [unknown]
Children of Kara-war-meri @ Youeda @ Fanny and Bill Brooker
  1. Mary Polly, b. c1882 Broome, m. (1) 1905 Ancieto Angat @ Pedro, Broome (2) df 1911 William Vincent, Cossack, (3) m. 1934 Joseph Francis, Broome, d. 1947 North Fremantle
  2. Philomena Sampson, b. c1887 Broome, df (1) 1900s Mr Islo, Singapore? (2) 1910s Fabian Brillante, Broome, (3) 1930s Charles Carter, Broome, d. 1947 Broome.
Children of Kara-ko-ra @ Yemara and Bill Brooker
  1. Lydia, b. c1893 Barred Creek, m. 1910 Masutaro Kanegai, d. 1957 Broome
The federation of the British colonies in Australia in 1901 and the introduction of the White Australia Policy was implemented in the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, followed by Western Australia's Aborigines Protection Act in 1905. These both shaped the development of the family over the next sixty years.

Children of Mary Polly (née Brooker) and Ancieto Angat @ Pedro

  1. John, b. 1905
  2. Margaret Maria (Maggie), b. 1907
  3. George, b. 1910
Children of Mary Polly (née Brooker, Angat and Pedro) and William Vincent
  1. Joseph M., b. 1913 Cossack? d. in infancy, at Cossack?
  2. Mary Mabel, b. 1914 Broome, m. (1) 1941 Leonard Slater, (2) Etuzo Kaino, d. 1985
  3. Stanley Robert William, b. 1916, Broome
Children of Philomena (née Brooker, Sampson and Islo) and Fabian Brillante
  1. Crescentia b. 1917 Broome, (1) df 1936 Eric/Madyassin, Broome, (2) m. 1937 Abu Hassan bin Nasir, Broome, d. 1979 Darwin
  2. Fabian Aguenaldo b. 1921 Broome, m. Margaret, d. 2001 Sydney
  3. Mary Margaret b. 1924 Broome, d. 1924 Broome
Children of Philomena (née Brillante) and Charles Carter
  1. Charles Joseph b. 1926 Broome, m. 1947 Mary Tolentino, Broome
Children of Lydia (née Yemara) and Masutaro Kanegai
  1. Hida b. 1910 Broome
  2. Hatsutaro b. 1912 Broome
  3. Mitsumo b. 1914 Broome
  4. Shizuyo (Siju Ethna) b. 1917 Broome, d. 1966 Broome
  5. Yoshi b. 1923 Broome, m. Matsu Nabashima
  6. Yengiro (Anji George) b. 1926 Broome, d. 1976 Broome
  7. Sumi b. 1929 Broome
  8. Naye b. 1931 Broome
  9. Saburo (Sabu Peter) b. 1934 Broome, m. Vera Dann
World War Two began to the north of Australia in December 1941 when Japanese forces invaded Malaya. On the 19th February 1942 the bombing of Darwin began, and my March 1942 Broome was under attack. All of the civilian inhabitants of Broome were evacuated, with profound impacts on the Vincent, Brillante-Carter-Nasir, and Kanegai families. The Kanegais were interned for over five years while several of their children were stranded in Japan until 1949, and the Carter-Nasirs were relocated to Port Hedland for several years.

Children of Mary Mabel (née Pedro and Slater) and Etuzo Kaino

  1. Tazuko, b. 1955, Broome, m. 1977 Richard Garstone, Broome
Children of Crescentia Brillante and Eric Madyassin
  1. Esme Askine Ethna, b. 1936 Broome, m. 1955 Mohammed Nor bin Mokak, Broome, d. 2000 Brisbane.
Children of Crescentia (née Brillante or Carter) and Abu Hassan bin Nasir
  1. Albert Sabu, b. 1940 Broome, m. (1) 1960 Barbara Baird, Darwin, (2) df. Adeline Clapp-Blohm, Darwin
  2. Fabian Hassan, b. 1942, m. 1967 Lucy Sabatino, Knuckey's Lagoon
  3. James Mason, b. 1945 Broome, m. (1) 1969 Charlene Chisholm, Darwin, (2) Elizabeth Whibley, Darwin
  4. George Cyrat, b. 1946 Broome, d. 1969 Darwin
  5. Fatima, stillborn, Broome
  6. Marcia Philomena, b. 1950 Broome, m. (1) 1969 Bruce Cullen, Darwin, (2) 1986 Robert Doyle, Allawah
  7. Riahana Ruth Somenah, b. 1951 Broome, m. (1) 1966 David Zammit, Darwin, (2) Thorvald Clausen, Darwin
  8. Teresa Merkia, b. 1955 Broome, d. 1955 Broome
Children of Fabian Aguenaldo and Margaret (née ?) Brillante
  1. Rebecca
  2. Charles
Children of Charles Joseph and Mary (née Tolentino) Carter
  1. Philomena
  2. Patrick
  3. Victoria
  4. Ronald
Children of Yoshi (née Kanegai) and Matsu Nabashima
  1. David
  2. Marilyn
Between 1955 and 1958 the Nasir and Mokak family migrated from Broome to Darwin [more info to be added here].

Children of Tazuko (née Kaino) and Richard Garstone

  1. Marcia Yvonne Kaino, b. 1970, Perth, df Matthew Pindan
    1. Luke Nolan Kaino, b. 1989, Broome
  2. David Shoji, b. 1977, Broome, m. Emma, Broome
    1. Brairanna Jodie, b. 2004, Port Hedland
  3. Eric Richard, b. 1978, Broome
  4. Kandese Misae, b. 1980, Broome, m. 2006 David Hamilton, Melbourne
Children of Esme Ethna Askine (née Nasir) and Mohammed Nor bin Mokak
  1. Semah Ann, b. 1956 Broome, m. 1984 Karl Wischki, Denpassar
    1. Lee, b. 1983 Launceston, d. 1983 Launceston
    2. Gabriel Emeric, b. 1991 Nice
  2. Maria Rihana, b. 1957 Broome, m. (1) 1980 Dan Kudla, (2) Paul Laerkessen, Vanuatu
      (of 1)
    1. Kim, b. 1981
    2. Ty, b. 1987
    3. Clay, b. 1988
  3. Halimah Crescentia, b. 1958 Darwin, m. (1) Jimmy Hazely, (2) Lyndon Cash
  4. Fabian, sb. 1959 Darwin
  5. Halijah, b. 1961 Darwin, m. 2000 John Brewster, Hong Kong
    1. Lilly, b. 2003, Hong Kong
    2. Michael, b. 2005, Hong Kong
  6. Romlie, b. 1962, Darwin, m. 1992 Deborah Anderson, Bondi Beach
    1. Georgia, b. 1991
    2. Louis, b. 1993
    3. Maya, b. 1999, Canberra
  7. Mohamed Hassan [twin], b. 1966, Darwin, df 1984 Cathy Stewart, St. Mary's
    1. Jasmin Lee, b. 20.9.1985, Penrith
  8. Hussin Amos, [twin], b. 1966, Darwin
  9. Fatimah, sb. 1970 Darwin
  10. Norsiyah, b. 1971 Darwin, df Anthony Allinson, Darwin
    1. Megan [twin] b. Darwin, d. Darwin
    2. Grace [twin] b. Darwin, d. Darwin
    3. Mark, b. 1988
    4. Ashlee, b. 1991
    5. Emma, b. 1995
    6. Dylan, b. 1998 Mildura
The 1970s were a time great change in the Northern Territory, and events with significant impacts on the family include Cyclone Tracy in 1974, and the closure of the North Australian Railway in 1978, as well as the gradual abandonment of the White Australia Policy and the development of contemporary Aboriginal identities [more info to be added here].

Children of Albert Sabu and Barbara (née Baird) Nasir

  1. Tanyah, b. 1964 Darwin, m. 1995 Ingvar Dyrting, Darwin
    1. Hakon, b. 1997 Darwin
    2. Naja, b. 2001 Darwin
  2. Joanne, b. 1961 Darwin
    1. Saminah, b. 1994, Darwin
  3. Darius, b. 1966, df Sheryl Edwards
      Danielle, b. 1986, Darwin
  4. Cyrat, b. 1970, Darwin
Children of Albert Sabu and Adeline (née Clapp-Blohm) Nasir
  1. Lowana
  2. Kelly
  3. Ramut
  4. Samut
Children of James Mason and Charlene (née Chisholm) Nasir
  1. Masun, b. 1970, Darwin, df (2) Tammy Sheree Petersen, (3) Cora Astrid Mayer
      (of 2)
    1. Rivah Michael
      (of 3)
    1. Lilliana Mayer, b. Melbourne
  2. Rushid, b. 1971, Darwin, df (1) Grace Thompson, (2) Gina Rings
      (of 1)
    1. Keeanu James, b. Darwin
      (of 2)
    1. Yarran Masun, b. Adelaide
Children of James Mason and Elizabeth (née Whibley) Nasir
  1. Shantel
  2. Charles
  3. Christie Whibley, stillborn, Darwin
Children of Marcia Philomena (née Nasir) and Bruce Cullen
  1. Rohana, b. 1970, Darwin, m. 1999, Dale Joseph Kirkman, Darwin
    1. Jamie Martia, b. 1993
    2. Jake Joseph, b. 1999
  2. Lisa, b. 1975, North Sydney, m. 1999 Sean Rawlings, Darwin
    1. Joshua, b. 2000, Darwin
    2. Alana, b. 2003, Darwin
Children of Marcia Philomena (née Nasir and Cullen) and Robert Doyle
  1. Bianca Frances Matiah, b. 1984 Darwin
  2. Jaqueline Helena, b. 1988, Darwin
Children of Riahana Ruth Somenah (née Nasir) and David Zammit
  1. Sarimah Tanyah, b. 1968 Darwin, m. 2005 Simon Thorley
    1. James Tor, b. 2000, Adelaide
    2. Ryan Fred, b. 2001, Darwin
    3. David Fabian, b. 2002, Darwin
    4. Liam Simon, b. 2003, Darwin
  2. Darren John, b. 1974, Darwin, df Joanne
    1. Telisha
Children of Riahana Ruth Somenah (née Nasir and Zammit) and Thorvald Clausen
  1. Marissa, b. 1984, Darwin
  2. Hans Christian Abu, b. 1988, Darwin

Abbreviations and Notes

  • @ = alias, also known as
  • b = born
  • bd = buried
  • bp = baptised
  • c = circa (about that time)
  • d = died
  • df = de facto (common law partner, or relationship with)
  • m = married
  • née = refers to a woman's maiden or other earlier surname
  • sb = stillborn