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The Sunland pages contain the story.

Sunland is an e-novel that is in the process of being written, edited, re-written, at an uneven pace - it is a work in progress.

Sunland is a story set in an alternative future that Australia may have experienced had the Japanese invasion in 1942 been successful, had there been a 'Vichy Australia', and had the Axis powers achieved the final victory in World War Two.

What happens in a world that, despite some superficial resemblances, is fundamentally different to the world we know? The United States and the Soviet Union have been divided between the victors; Britain is a province of the Reich. There can be no returning the old world. Societies and cultures have changed, and new alternative futures have developed. It is in this parallel Australia that one family struggles with its tensions between loyalty and collaboration, survival and renewal.

The Chronology pages contain a timeline of events from the 1930s to the 1960s, and a map of the Australasian region of the Dai Toa or Greater East Asia.

The Records pages contains an annotated bibliography of references consulted, and will eventually also contain a database of characters and locations.

Got any ideas, comments, questions or anything else that have been raised by the story so far? Want to tell me about it? Then Click Here, let me know, and I'll get back to you.

This page last updated on 18 January 2005.
"Mrs Walsh told the meeting that economic pressures had been responsible for the Russo-Japanese war and 1914-18 wars. An interjector asked her whether the movement was Australia First or Japan First".

'The Puzzled Patriots'

Bruce Muirden
journalist 1968.